Commemorative RAF & Military Covers

Frequently asked questions

I want to sell a collection?

We are always interested in purchasing a collection of rare quality or an individual special cover. Just contact us either by email or telephone. We’ll be delighted to talk to you.

What is a flown cover?

Issued by a dealer, charity or common interest group normally depicting a design on the front relevant to a specific subject or person, in our case that is usually the RAF. To qualify as flown it will have been flown on an aircraft and those details are usually described on the cover.

What type of cover signatures are there?

Covers vary in the type and number of signatures displayed.
i. Rare signature/s
ii. Pilot/Crew signed
iii. Unsigned covers

Are the signatures genuine?

On our site Yes.

Be very careful when buying from online auction houses because the counterfeiters are out there! We only sell original covers and our lengthy experience with signatures means that we offer a ‘no quibble’ return policy if you ever have a doubt.

We would add that in all our year’s of trading we have never had a cover returned for this reason.

Do Covers make good gifts?

Yes they make superb gifts for someone special. See our guide to finding the right gift below.

Can I reserve an expensive cover?

Yes we will hold a cover for you and work with you to fit in with your budget plan.


Search in the ‘find’ box. Our stock covers an enormous range of places, interest, aircraft, subjects and signatures.

How to find the right Gift?

The flown covers represent so much historical record of places, times, events, aircraft and squadrons. They evoke so many memories of people, places and experiences.

  • Search for your name
  • Search for your relative’s name
  • Search for a RAF base
  • Search for a Squadron

A simple frame will set the covers off. The gift will evoke a memory and be received with so much pleasure providing a stunning, unique and personal present.