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Farnborough Air Show 1972 cover

Farnborough Air Show 1972 Showing Westland - Aerospatiale Gazelle Helicopter Flown in a Gazelle..

£5.00 Product Code: helicopter033

Helicopters cover

World Helicopter Championships - Middle Wallop July 1973 Flown in an Aerospatiale/Westland Gazelle AH Mk1..

£3.00 Product Code: helicopter001

Helicopters cover

HMS Daedalus - Air Engineering School of the Fleet Air Arm - Air Day 1971 Flown in Whirlwind Mk9..

£3.00 Product Code: helicopter018

Helicopters cover

Army Air Day - Middle Wallop 31.7.1971. Flown in an Scout XW Helicopter of 653 Squadron..

£3.00 Product Code: helicopter009

Helicopters cover Airmail Service 1948

The First Helicopter Airmail Service in Britain 1st June 1948 Showing a Westland-Sikorsky S.51 Flown in a Piper Archer Special postmark..

£3.00 Product Code: helicopter031

Helicopters cover BEA Mail 1948

BEA First Official Helicopter Mail - 1.6.1948 Red Helicopter Lowestoft Postmark Great Yarmouth Postmark ****borough Postmark..

£8.00 Product Code: helicopter016a

Helicopters cover Bristol Sycamore 32 Sq

32 Squadron Flown in a Bristol Sycamore from RAF Nortolt to RAF Upavon 'Last Flight of the Sycamore' postmark..

£3.00 Product Code: helicopter007c

Helicopters cover Elephant Island

Joint Services Expedition to Elephant Island Flown in Whirlwind Mk 1X..

£3.00 Product Code: helicopter023

Helicopters cover Elephant Island

Joint Services Expedition to Elephant Island Flown in Whirlwind Mk 1X & Hercules from RAF Lyneham..

£3.00 Product Code: helicopter023a

Helicopters cover England to Australia Sgd by 6

First England - Australia Helicopter Flight 8th - 29th June 1969 Flown in Wessex 60 Helicopter Signed by Mr A English the pilot from UK to Calcutta & Mr A.E Clark the pilot from Calcutta to Australia & Mr Bradley the First Officer for t..

£120.00 Product Code: helicopter026

Helicopters cover Korea

The Helicopter at War - Korea Flown in Hercules of 30 Squadron from RAF Lyneham 54th Anniversary postmark Tiny tear at the top of the cover which is almost invisible..

£4.00 Product Code: helicopter028

Helicopters cover Philympia 1970

Philympia Airmail Day 19.9.1970 Flown in Westland Wessex HC Mk2..

£3.00 Product Code: helicopter014

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