Squadron Leader Alexander Flett, DFC & Bar, was a Lancaster Navigator during the Second World War. Flying with both 460 Squadron and 625 Squadron. He was also the main reason this business was started.

During his time in the Air Force, Alec Flett developed a huge respect for the Ground Crew who maintained the aircrafts. He became quite close with them, and would often share stories when out of the air. On one particular occasion he mentioned the amount of time he spent picking up pencils whilst on missions. As a navigator Alexander would be provided with sharpened pencils to use when working, but there was no way to keep them safe from being lost or dropped in flight. The Ground Crew heard this, and immediately set about fixing it. Springs were installed on the side of his position in the Lancaster to be used to hold the pencils. Alec Flett was beyond thankful when he noticed this, as it significantly improved his work and showed just how devoted Ground Crew were. Springs went on to be rigged in all Lancaster Navigator positions.

So give thanks to the unsung heroes that kept crews flying, morale up and went above and beyond in their fight to achieve the ultimate victory.