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Luftwaffe Covers

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Battle of Britain cover Sgd by Gerhard Krems

Battle of Britain Open Day Biggin Hill - 17th September 1995 Flown in a Spitfire Special postmark Signed by Gerhard Krems a Luftwaffe pilot 55 issued..

£25.00 Product Code: luft020

Battle of Britain cover Sgd Gunther Rall

Battle of Britain Open Day Biggin Hill - 17th September 1995 Flown in a Spitfire Special postmark Signed by Gunther Rall a Luftwaffe pilot with 275 victories 55 issued..

£50.00 Product Code: luft020a

Battle of Britain Cover Signed By Doe Day Lucas Hyatt Steinhilper

Open Day at Biggin Hill - 14th September 1997 Flown in Spitfire Biggin Hill 57th Anniversary postmark Signed by: The pilot Paul Day The BoB Pilot Bob Doe of 66 Squadron, 234 Squadron, 238 Squadron and 613 Squadron Laddie Lucas ..

£50.00 Product Code: bob002k

Karl Donitz cover Sgd Donitz and Albert Speer

RAF Benson 25th Anniversary of V-E Day Flown in a Dakota from RAF Northolt to RAF Kemble Signed by Albert Speer who was the Minister for Armaments and War Production for the Third Reich & Karl Donitz the German U Boat Commander & Hitler..

£350.00 Product Code: luft009

Karl Donitz cover Sgd Donitz Schuhart and Rosing

Sq Leader T.M Bulloch Flown in a Nimrod Mk 1 from RAF Kinloss Signed by Admiral of the Fleet Karl Donitz Captain Otto Schuhart the Commander of U29 and sank the Aircraft Carrier HMS Courageous Captain Hans Rosing the Commander of U48 100 is..

£300.00 Product Code: luft017

Luftwaffe cover Sgd A Galland Fischette and Brusselmann

25th Anniversary of the RAF Escaping Society Flown from RAF Northolt to RAF Wildenrath in a Bassett Signed by The Luftwaffe pilot Adolf Galland Lt Col Charles Fischette USAF who was credited with 5 kills Anne Brusselmann a senior member of ..

£80.00 Product Code: luft007

Luftwaffe cover Sgd Egan Froha

the Major Assault 13th - 15th August 1940 Flown in VC10 from RAF Brize Norton Signed by Oberleutnant Egon Froha of the Luftwaffe..

£15.00 Product Code: luft012

Luftwaffe cover Sgd Gunther Rall and J M Ilfrey USAAF

The Blue Eagles Flown in a Sioux Helicopter Signed by the pilot  Sgt M Webb & Luftwaffe Ace Gunther Rall & Captain Jack M Ilfrey USAAF & an unknown signature 14 issued..

£70.00 Product Code: luft013

Luftwaffe cover Sgd pilot Peter Lord of Abbots-Hay

The Spanish Civil War The Operational Testing Ground of the Luftwaffe July 1936 - March 1939 Special postmark Flown in P96G Pilot signed by Peter, Lord of Abbots-Hay..

£4.00 Product Code: luft016a

Luftwaffe Cover Signed Manfred Rommel

Luftwaffe CoverEl Alamein postmarkSigned Manfred Rommel the son of Field Marshall Rommel50 issued..

£12.00 Product Code: luft021

Luftwaffe cover Signed Walter Krupinski

The Battle of Britain Open Day Biggin Hill - 17.9.1995 Flown from RAF Conningsby in Spitfire Mk XIX Signed by Lt Gen Walter Krupinski - a Luftwaffe pilot who flew 1100 missions with 197 victories Limited Edition of 100..

£25.00 Product Code: luft019

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